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Bad SEO practices to AVOID

So, you have a blog and it is newly registered or just does not have much traffic on it. Looks like you need some organic traffic. But, what you do not need it is Bad SEO practice. Browsing the internet you can find many different tactics to increase traffic to your blog. Some of them are […]

5 simple ways to increase traffic to your website

There is almost no serious business on the planet without a website. But if you have one, better make sure that your website is generating some traffic. Here on we talk a lot about organic traffic. There are many things you can do without investing tons of money for advertising. When having a website […]

Keyword research

When doing keyword research chances are that you are not hiring the SEO company. Instead you decided to make your own content. Good job! Making your own content is a great opportunity to stay updated with your industry and learn more.   The first step in making the content for your website is something called keyword […]