A change of strategy in the early stages of business

Sometimes people get too emotional about the concept, service, or product they develop in the early stage of business. 

Early-stage of business can be very sensitive.  

They forget to listen to the market, they forget how important it is to see what works & what doesn’t and then make needed adjustments along the way. If you are not doing things the right way, the market will tell you that very soon. 

Do not be afraid of change and trying new things. 

A change of strategy in business

Changing things in the early-stage of business is sometimes necessary

Even if you do good, that doesn’t mean it can’t be better, more efficient, or more profitable. 

This reminds me of the situation when I was just a kid, maybe 10 years old or so.. My mom had a friend who was an artist, a painter. The lady was making beautiful drawings, calendar designs, souvenirs, and other beautiful pieces.

One day I was asked if I would like to sell these art pieces through the neighborhood.

I said -Why not? Maybe there is a chance to make some money.

I called my school friend and we made plans to go through the building blocks and just knock on the doors and sell the stuff. We even managed to make some money and it was a really cool & positive experience. We would go from floor to floor, door to door, doing one apartment at a time. Not long after that I started to think about how to sell more, earn more.

Whatever you do if there is some level of success it can probably be more successful if the process is more efficient.

So, I came up with the idea of ringing on all the doorbells on the floor at once and do the presentation when the grumpy neighbors open the door. What happened next was mind-blowing, to say at least.  To start with – we quadrupled the time efficiency. With one pitch we did it them all! The second thing was – they started to talk to each other. What’s even better to say is -they started to engage with each other.

They started what? Engagement. Sounds familiar..? Our little art project started to fly around like a butterfly! People basically started to sell to each other. I implemented the tactic from that moment on, but none of that would’ve happened if there was no change in the strategy.

Think different, be different


Thinking about how to innovate, do things differently, and more efficient has never been so important as it is today. Do not be afraid of change and trying new things. 

As Steve Jobs would say “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

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