The Impact Of COVID 19: Advice For Starting a Business From Home

Covid 19 and affect on business

The situation with COVID 19 also creates new opportunities.

If you search the internet these days and check the information about how the COVID 19 crisis will impact the start-ups, basically all the information is focused on fundings. How the coronavirus will negatively impact fundings and how start-ups should use every penny wisely. 

Starting a business from home during COVID 19 crisis

What happens if you are starting a business from home, something like an online business where you produce your own content? The content you produce can also be distributed online with basically zero cost through social media, email campaigns, and similar channels. Can you imagine how powerful is that? 

To start with, you are in total control of the process. No other investors, no coronavirus, no lack of money will impact your process. The situation with the COVID 19 right now affects the whole world but also creates some new opportunities. Your job is to carefully choose the strategy and see what problems can you solve with your potential idea.  

As most of the world is in lockdown because of COVID 19, many of us are working from home, or just staying home. What does that mean? Maybe you do not have to commute to work so you have more time. That means – additional one hour or more time per day to work on something new. Those are all great time-related benefits if you know how to use this crisis to your advantage. 

Blogging website as a starting point

A good starting point for an online business from home is a blogging website. The blog is a website that focuses on the written content mostly. What you do are basically blog posts on a certain topic. Ideally about something you have passion for because this will ease the process a lot. Until now, I’ve launched several blogs on my own and I know starting a blog can be overwhelming. Feel free to use the below steps on how to start a blog. What you’ll need are really only basic computer skills.

Start your blog in 30 minutes by following these steps:

  1. Choose a blog name  make it interesting and descriptive.
  2. Register your blog and go online; Check WordPress for simple and affordable solutions. To start go with a free template.
  3. Publish your first post; This can be anything but make it really interesting for the reader. If you do not have ideas immediately, feel free to recreate already existing content on the internet. What counts is to actually start and post content daily. Ideally a couple of times per day
  4. Promote your blog by posting on social media, build your email list, research, and implement keywords.
  5. Make money from your blog by choosing some of the monetizing options like selling advertising space, affiliate programs, or providing digital products or services

This is just a basic idea of the first steps in starting an online business from home through blogging. For all of the 5 steps mentioned you need to do good research on google and go deeper into each step written above.



In case you get stuck along the way-feel free to email me at and I will be happy to help!

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