The Importance of Focus in Entrepreneurship

Why is focus so important in entrepreneurship? To answer this, we first need to look at why time is important to us. Time is important to us, as we cannot get more of it. Nobody ever managed to produce gallons of time or actually any small increment of time. This leads us to understand why focus is super important to us human beings.

The focus in entrepreneurship makes you more efficient and enables you to finish things. By that, you save time and prevent wasting resources. Yet, many people are struggling with it.


Focus in Business is one of the most important things

The focus in business gives you better chances.


How to prioritize and finish what matters to me most

Right before writing this article, I received a link to a political debate about elections that are going on in my country. The reason why this came to my inbox in the first place was that one of the participants was making a joke out of the whole thing, and yes- it was quite funny.

The whole TV show lasted about an hour. I went briefly through it, just a couple of minutes, and concluded that video is indeed funny and shut the link down to complete this article that you are reading. Sure, I could watch the whole thing, go to sleep, and finish this article tomorrow.

The thing is, however, I am currently not that interested in the ongoing politics. I know enough to be up to date, but I will not allow one hour of my time to be spent on this subject, no matter how high the quality is. It is still within the subject of politics and I know exactly how much of my time and brainpower I am willing to give on that; i.e. how to prioritize and finish what matters to me most.


Long-term vs short-term thinking

That thing right there is called the focus. It’s a matter of long-term vs short-term thinking. Sure I can get a nice dopamine hit by watching one hour of satirical-political activism. However, in the long run, I get much more benefit out of writing content about the business.

Content is king for modern-day entrepreneurs and good content can position you within your industry.


Say NO to the hundred other good ideas

If you are an entrepreneur you should want to focus on what drives your business. According to Steve Jobs: “People think focus means saying YES to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying NO to the hundred other good ideas that there are.” You have to pick carefully.


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