The Ultimate Guide to Google My Business Website

Gone are the days when every home had a phonebook containing the contacts and addresses of all the businesses in town. The world is moving towards digitalization. And believe it or not, we are too. Google My Business Website is becoming a standard for today’s businesses.

What happens when you want to know the working hours of a store? Or when you want to refresh the location of a business you visited long ago? What’s your first step? That’s right, you Google it.

This tells you how dependent businesses are on Google. Optimizing your business and increasing its rank is a constant race between competitors. Whoever wins the race wins the customers.


What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free search-based marketing tool. It allows business owners to manage their businesses and then display them to the local people searching for them.

People can search for it, either on Google Maps or the main Google search engine. It is a Google listing that describes your:


  • Name
  • Address Location
  • Contact Number
  • E-mail Info
  • Website Info
  • Business Description
  • Opening & Closing Hours


But first, get your Google My Business website listing. For that, you can do either of the two things:


  • Create a new business profile


  • Verify an existing auto-generated profile


Listing your business on GMB is a very crucial step. Be utterly sure not to go wrong here. This information is going to be the face of your business. That is why you must provide accurate, optimized, and up-to-date information. You can also hire a digital agency for this job if it goes well above your head. They can help provide top-class activation and optimization techniques to get your business flowing.


Benefits of a Google My Business Website Listing


1. Show Your Business on Google Maps

Let’s say a person saw your flyer a while ago. He found your name catchy. The name got stuck in his mind. Now, he needs services related to your business. What happens next?

In one scenario, he searches you on Google. But can’t find you. So, he gives up the struggle and goes to another business right around the corner street. In the other scenario (where you’ve done GMB listing), he finds your location on Google Maps and comes right up. What looks better?

Google My Business website listing shows your business on Google Maps and webpage search results. That way, the people living two blocks away from your location can find you and avail of your services.


2. Opens You to Customer Feedbacks

Nowadays, reviews are the first thing everyone sees. Before acquiring your services, every customer will check your customer reviews. This way, they can clear their doubts by settling for your past experiences.

According to a statistic, 93% of the customers are influenced by charming ratings.

GMB allows your valuable customers to leave reviews and feedbacks. This feedbacks are then displayed on your profile. And can help attract other customers to your website.


3. Surges Your Website Traffic

Another benefit that GMB gives you is increased website traffic. Those businesses who’re already running a website can understand how difficult it is to rank it on Google search results. The amount of optimization it takes requires skilled professionals.
If your Google My business website listing is optimized correctly, your business will start appearing on Google. This way, you can generate more traffic.

Nowadays, everyone knows that more traffic indicates more customers. But few of them know that traffic can also help you rank higher in search results.


4. Engages Customers

This GMB benefit is often underrated. Yet it has a major role in boosting your sales. When a customer analyzes your GMB profile, he’s provided with all your contact info.

That way, he can clear his doubts and uncertainties by contacting you directly. Once he calls you, it’s all up to you and your business.

So, in this sense, GMB listings help your business to engage customers. Aside from contacting, they can also read your description and ask any query related to your business.

On the other end of the line, GMB also enables you to quickly respond to your clients. You can also add some additional FAQs to engage your customers.


5. Spices the Local Competition

If done right, Google My Business website listing is a powerful local marketing tool. It can help you engage customers and increase sales. This way, it puts you one step ahead of your competitors.

If your competitors already use GMB, I would advise that you contact a digital agency to help you outpace them.

A digital agency comprises some top-of-the-shelf expert SEO marketers. They can help you activate and optimize your business in the local market.

That way, your business will appear higher in local search results than your competitors.




Google My Business website listing is a digital need-of-the-hour, that you cannot neglect. Local businesses not taking advantage of this great opportunity are just wasting their potential.

So, if you’re a business, just get your GMB profile done. And dive into the world of self-marketing sales.

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