How to Improve Your Google Rank in 2023?

There is no hurry when aiming for the high Google Rank because this process can take time, even if you have top-notch content and SEO strategy.

It’s because the list of the ranking factors is long. But you do not have to worry about the lengthy list since doing a few steps smartly will help you cover all aspects automatically.

One of the greatest ways to improve Google rank is to check the current position of your pages on SERP. This can be done by using a credible Google rank checker SERPs ranking tool and make further SEO decisions accordingly. This article explains everything you need to know about Google ranking checkers!.


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How Do I Check My Google Ranking?

Many people manually check the Google ranking of their website instead of opting for a rank checker. They type in the target keyword on the Google search bar and try to find their website in the search results.

However, this is not always a good approach toward rank checking. Instead you can use a Google ranking tool. It’s because many factors influence the search results for each user, such as history, interest, location, etc.

You can have many purposes for searching for your website for specific keywords. But seeing the Google ranking in the SERP and trusting it should not be one of them.

The credible way to complete the task is by using the below-mentioned Google SEO ranking checkers.

1- Google Search Console

This easy-to-use and free Google ranking checker can tell you at what number on SERP you are ranking for a particular keyword for a certain period. Its results are accurate and worth taking your SEO decisions based on. It is the same rank checker all successful businesses head to understand their website’s performance better. 

2- SE Ranking

SE Ranking is every SEO geek’s favorite tool for its accurate results. You can track your website’s ranking, conduct backlink research, and improve your engagement rate.

The easy-to-use interface of this free Google ranking checker will help you understand your business’s performance compared to your competitors.

This Google SEO ranking checker is a perfect choice for you working in a team due to its multi-user access feature. You can integrate it with Google Search Console for the ultimate SEO practices.

3- Semrush

Semrush is a popular name in the world of SEO as businesses of all scales buy it for their website audit and SEO strategies. You can use this keyword rank checker to analyze how visitors respond to your content and your competitors’. This will tell you what pages of your website are doing better so you can further optimize them.

The stats Semrush shows are worth trusting, and its metrics are worth working on.

4- Ahrefs

On the list of the world’s fastest web crawlers, right after Google lies Ahref on number 2. It is easily the most efficient and trustworthy SEO tool. When you enter the URL of your website on Ahrefs, it shows several stats organized in an understandable way.

The most common uses of this website rank checker free tool include checking URL ranking, tracking competitors’ backlink strategy, and keyword research.

5- MOZ

From its founding until now, Moz has always been the best Google rank checker SERPs ranking tool. It focuses on the most important Google ranking factors, including keyword research, content analysis, and on-page SEO.

With this keyword rank checker, you can track ranking and check out other industry-standard metrics. These metrics will help you understand how much effort you need to put into your SEO for the best possible ranking position.


How Do You Rank No 1 on Google?

Below are the four tips that will boost your SEO game so that all website pages can rank in the top positions on page 1 of SERP.

1- Publish Valuable Content

One of the most important ranking factors is the content you publish on your website. Make sure it is interesting, authoritative, credible, informative, and high-quality.

User search intent is a massive factor in deciding whether your content is valuable or not. If you know what your target audience wants to know, in what language, and what content format, your Google ranking will keep improving.

2- Keep Updating Your Content

One considerable disfavour that can fail a high-performance business is abandoning your website. Yes, when you stop updating the content regularly, Google sees your business as left behind. Moreover, you might lose your relevancy in your niche because the world of SEO is ever-evolving. Even if there is no such thing to add, you can make a few slight changes for the ranking maintenance and upgrade.

3- Continue with the Keyword Research

The best way to upscale your business is to attract more traffic by ranking on more keywords. Extent your keyword research, optimize your pages for more relevant and LSI keywords and upgrade the level of your website. For further keyword research, you can use the website ranking checker free Google Search Console.

4- Make Your Website Link-Worthy

Your purpose should be to entertain your visitors, even if it means redirecting them to another website. In fact, giving external links to your site benefits the linked website and adds to your brand reputation and credibility.

Moreover, try to provide internal links as well. This improves the user experience, makes navigation easier, and lets users find out more content without leaving your website. Plus, publish such extensive and detailed content on your niche’s topics that other websites link to yours.

Google Rank:  Final Words

There are many tools that SEO professionals use but finding a reliable Google ranking tool is a challenge. The purpose of using a tool is to test the performance of a website and improve the loopholes in the SEO strategy. This further helps them beat their competitors and improve rankings on the SERP, ultimately reaching number 1.

You can opt for any Google SEO ranking checker from the list mentioned earlier since all are credible enough to be used. However, no website ranking checker can help you if your keyword research, content quality, and the ability to understand user search intent are not top-grade in the first place.

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