Google SEO in 2023 | A Definitive Guide for Beginners

Google SEO: People worldwide do trillions of searches every year on Google to answer their curiosity and queries. Users’ intent can be to find information about a product or service. Search is an essential source of organic traffic for websites, brands, or businesses serving on the search engines.

However, it is the Google SEO by which business owners make Google aware of their presence and the value they bring to the market.

Higher ranking, good visibility, and proven authenticity are results of powerful SEO. Let us know Google SEO in depth now!


Search Engine Optimization for Google
SEO for Google

What is Google SEO?

Google SEO is the optimization of the content you publish on the search engine Google. This optimization is a continuous process and goes on until your business is present on the search engine. There is high competition in the search engine among the websites to take a higher ranking on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Due to the high competition and Google’s strict algorithms, the discipline of organic SEO has become complicated and detailed. It involves other disciplines such as content marketing, PR, web development, web design, user-friendliness, branding, user experience, etc. Now, the question arises, how does Google use SEO.

How Does Google Use SEO?

To completely understand this concept, you need to know about two types of SEO. These include On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO

Since your website exists on the search engine Google, it has an inside and an outside. Whatever goes on on the inside of the websites is On-Page SEO. The foundation of on-page SEO lies in keywords, Meta descriptions, alt tags, and all the content you have published on the website.

This SEO includes all the measures you take within your website to make it a better place for visitors. Search engine bots check all big and small factors of your website, from content quality to content structure and page performance, and rank it accordingly on the SERP.

A good German SEO agency like Weydinger in Berlin can take care of all your on-page SEO requirements by developing a powerful customized strategy.


How Does Google Use On-Page SEO?

Though several factors define on-page SEO, the top 3 most important ones are below.

1- SEO Content

Google uses on-page SEO to determine if your website is serving its users or not. Google is all about its users. Whatever content users find valuable, engaging, and high-quality, Google approves it. High engagement rate and low bounce rate are the metrics of content quality.

Keywords, Meta Description, Alt Tags, Internal linking, etc., define the exposure level of a website’s SEO content.

2- URL Structure

Google crawlers move from one page to another through URLs. If a website has taken good care of navigation, Google considers it efficient for its users and the website’s visitors. Good URLs contain target keywords, are short, relevant to the website, and easy to understand for convenient searching.

3- Mobile Friendliness

Another way for Google to test on-page SEO is by checking if the website is mobile-friendly or not. Because most Google users access content from their smartphones. If it is difficult for them to zoom in and out, Google fails your on-page SEO.

Google Search Engine Optimization
Google search, mobile

Off-Page SEO

Whatever does not include in the on-page is off-page SEO. It is all the activities, factors, and measures that take place outside of your website. All the links on social media networks that lead to your website include off-page SEO. It is basically a measure of how much exposure a website has on the internet.

However, conducting an effective off-page SEO strategy and meeting all requirements on your own is not possible. A dedicated SEO agency in Berlin, Germany, can help you double your referral traffic with backlinks. You can hire Weydinger for its exceptional portfolio.

How Does Google Use Off-Page SEO?

The emphasis of Google is on the three below-mentioned factors of a website’s off-page SEO.

1- Backlinks

Google boosts a website’s ranking on the SERP if it has many relevant, high-quality backlinks. The more people link your content on their website, the more improvement in your ranking. There are several link-building techniques that marketers use for backlinks.

The inclusion of the target keyword in the backlink’s anchor text is also one of the ranking factors of Google SEO.

2- Domain Authority

Google Analytics gives every website a Domain Authority. DA defines how strong a website is. On a scale of 1 – 100, the higher the DA number, the better. If you add Moz Chrome Extension on Google, you can see all the websites ranked in the higher positions have high DA.

3- Social Promotion

Promoting your business on social media is another vital off-page SEO factor. Google prefers those sites that earn a lot of incoming links from social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Is SEO Free on Google?

Google is a free search engine to build and optimize your business on. Since a digital company combines many disciplines and elements, you need to invest money in SEO tools and hire SEO help.

It very hard for business owners to do SEO on their own. Hiring an excellent digital marketing company with a great portfolio in Google SEO is a great idea. You can get in touch with Weydinger to start your professional SEO in Berlin.

Can You do SEO for Free?

SEO is a challenging yet simple discipline. You can start small by learning it. After some time in learning, you will understand the concepts and grab the techniques effortlessly.

Even if you hire professionals like Weydinger to optimize your website, you should still have enough knowledge of the subject because SEO is involved in every element of an online business. Whether you write content to publish or edit pictures to post, everything starts from SEO.

SEO Expert
Google optimisation expert

Conclusion – Google SEO

The baseline of SEO is that if the users visiting your website are satisfied with your performance, Google approves of your business by giving you a high ranking in the SERP.

Otherwise, your business can rest abandoned on the 2nd or the following pages of the search engine.

The best SEO happens when you know exactly what your target audience wants, who you are targeting, what value you add to the market, and what technical methods you follow.

Keyword richness, compelling content, fast loading speed, and share-worthy information improve competitiveness and lead to good Google SEO. Additionally, you can consult Weydinger to get complete Google SEO assistance. It can even provide you with an SEO audit if required.

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