How to get more time


Time is not money; it is way more important than the money will ever be

I just read an article on a new time machine that was built in Russia. Finally we can go back in time and just do whatever we want over and over again. Unfortunately, that’s not really the case..

We can’t get more time no matter how hard we try. Therefore, we need to be as efficient as possible when dealing with time; especially around business.

Contrary to the popular belief, time is not money; it is way more important than the money will ever be.

How to make more out of your time?

One of the ways to make more of your time is by having  parallel tasks being executed in the same time. Outsourcing can be very useful in these types of cases. Why overwhelm yourself with multitasking when you can find affordable freelancers for almost all of the tasks you need? Different websites like ‘Fiverr’ offer some solid options for those kind of tasks.

Prioritize the things that add the most value to your project.

Sure, you can spend a whole day to polish the new design of your website. But you can also spend the day by generating more income and then use a bit of that money to hire a designer.

Imagine if you could multiply yourself, how much more work could you do? Outsourcing capable freelancers can do not only that, but much more in some cases. Specialists are usually more skilled than the project manager in their areas of expertise.

Measure your activities

Do you monitor all activities to see how effective you are? When you measure your activities, you see what is costing you the most time and resources. Some of these tasks may have been profitable in the past, but that can change. Therefore, one needs to know what is happening at every stage of the project or process when running a business. 

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