5 simple ways to increase traffic to your website in 2021

There is almost no serious business on the planet without a website. But if you have one, better make sure that your website is generating some traffic. Here on Weydinger.com, we talk a lot about organic traffic and how to increase traffic to your website. There are many things you can do without investing tons of money in advertising.

When having a website you want to be seen on the world wide web.

Moreover, you want to be seen sooner than your competitors. In the examples below, we will go through some of the things you can do to increase traffic to your website. No money for ads needed here, but investment in time is a must. 

Increase traffic to your website
Increase traffic to your website by using all available tools.


Learn how to increase traffic to your website


  • Produce content for the website visitors, not for Google. 

The best SEO is actually valuable content for visitors. Do not optimize your content for Google, it will get foggy from all those keywords and whatnot.

You want to make content that will bring the visitors back over and over to your site. Put yourself in their shoes. Do you provide enough value for them? What can they take from your website and use for their own benefit? The content you make need to be: 

Useful and Accurate

On point


Need to answer potential questions

Ideally containing photos or videos


  • Production of content must be frequent enough. 

10 years ago you could make shorter blog posts maybe once a week and still get decent organic traffic to your website.

Today, without at least weekly updates with super optimized and valuable content there is no chance to increase traffic to your website.

Besides that, new blogging websites need to wait a couple of months if not more to get Google recognition. There are exceptions and it is possible to post once a month and actually get a good exposure. But, in this case, your blog posts need to be basically the size of a PDF book.

If you make a copy in a range of 1000-2000 words, make sure to post weekly. Also,  do good research on the topic beforehand.

Do not write just to write something. Make nice to read articles that visitors like to share.   


  • Long-tail keywords are the thing

We can find a lot of information lately about this topic. Basically, it’s about having less competition when competing for the ranking on Google.

Competing for popular keywords is sometimes very hard. Close to impossible. 

Using long-tail keywords meaning going deeper into the topic. This strategy will make you an expert in your field. When Google recognizes you as the website to go to for a specific topic, you will rank on the search engine. Earned ranking stays if you continue with a good strategy.


  • Use data to optimize your website

Without statistics, you are practically in the dark. Any data is better than no data but the deeper you go, the more reward is waiting for you.

Do you have Google analytics? If you do not, make sure to install it asap. It is a free and very useful tool for you.

Alternatively, you can install some of the stats plugins to your WordPress (or any other) dashboard you are using. There will be fewer insights comparing to Google Analytics but you will have some basic numbers. 

Besides the standard analytics tools, I would recommend installing the YOAST plugin. It is available for WordPress and it is one of the most valuable plugins I have seen so far.

Super user-friendly, it does not require any special knowledge and it’s free to use. Basically, the plugin tells you how good or bad your website page is in terms of optimization.

It offers suggestions to fix the errors and gives you insight into where you are on the scale of optimizing the content. Immediate changes here will affect the ranking on Google. Improvements you make on the website are recognizable from Google robots. They are crawling websites constantly and are doing the same on your site as well. After downloading YOAST you are free to go.


  • Build a presence on social media

Why? Because it’s free and easy. Ok, maybe not super easy if you want to make good content. But, what is “good content for social media”?

Like it says in the title: Build a presence on social media. You already have great posts on your blog and now it’s the time to spread the word on social. Everything can be content.

If you lack ideas on how to make content for social media, go for some tips from the content guru Gary Vee.

Check his blog post about >>HOW TO MAKE 64 PIECES OF CONTENT IN A DAY.<<

Presence on social media is a must if you run any form of a business. Your potential customers are there on social as well.

Why not stay in touch with them? This is a good chance to increase sales and meet new customers. It can be an additional point of contact. Not to mention how you can improve traffic to your website. LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms are here for you. It is never too late.

Social netwoks helps you increase traffic thru content sharing
Social is affecting positively the site traffic


To start on Social Media you need to:

  • Choose the platform

Find one that works best for you and your brand. An online presence can be on multiple platforms but go deep on one of them. That way you will get the most out of it because this is exactly what most people don’t do.


  • Make your profile look good

This is very important as it affects the first impression sometimes. Photos are one of the most important things. Avoid low-quality photos. If you are on the budget use free stock photo websites like >>Unsplash <<or >>Pexels<< 

Many professional service providers use those websites as well and it works just fine. If you have some time and budget, make your own photos. This extra mile pays off in the long run.

Make sure your copy is of good quality as well. Polish your profile section, activate contact buttons, and similar. Social network profiles affect your SEO. Put your keywords there as well. 

Grow your followers organically. Provide value to your audience. Answer their questions, make sure they come back to your pages.

Include media such as photos or videos, people like to engage. Above all pay attention that your posts are frequent enough.

Pay attention to engagement. Like and reply to every comment you get on your page. This is of high importance because you are sending signals to the algorithm.

The more you are active, the more the platform will expose you. Your visitors must feel welcomed on your page. To increase engagement pay good attention to the posting time also. Check the statistics to understand when your target audience is online


SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Be consistent and make content for the user, not the search engine. 

There are many other ways to increase traffic to your website. We touched just some of them here. Keep in mind to always use more than just one way of generating traffic.

Guest posting, email campaigns, commenting, online advertising, etc. Those are all segments you need to master and use to your advantage.  



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