Organic SEO: Best Practices You Need to Know

Organic SEO is the most fundamental type of Search Engine Optimization. It is linked with your organic search results. Unlike paid ads and campaigns, organic SEO has no connection with advertisement.

It is the process of making your site visible to those who need it, that is by appearing in the organic search results of your potential clients. Organic SEO techniques are based to improve the quality and quantity of your website. Its statistics directly reflect on how you decide to improve your site.

According to a statistic, 51% of content consumption comes from organic searches. If we analyze our behavior, we’ll learn that almost all of us prefer to buy the products listed on the first page of our search results.

We don’t give a care about what lies on the rest of the pages. And to reach the first page, you’ll need a certain amalgam of quality and quantity, along with some other factors.

Organic SEO consists of different techniques, such as keyword research, link building, backlinking, and relevant writing.

According to the Search Engine Journal, 49% of marketers report that organic search has the best ROI (Return on Investment) of any marketing channel. Thus, highlight how important organic SEO is, for a business.


Advantages of Organic SEO

To sum it up, organic SEO comprises all the traffic you haven’t paid for. Its success is mostly linked to SERPs. The biggest advantage that it has overpaid traffic-ads is that it targets quality.

A customer visiting your website specifically for your services will be more valuable to you than a couple of random clients. Organic SEO also helps you develop a competition with other sites. Thus, enabling you to become more customer-centric.

It also establishes your credibility in the eyes of the visitor. And you won’t have to pay for traffic-directing ads, to begin with. This means that you’ll be climbing the ladder of success, without investing too much in it.


6 Tips to Increase Traffic by SEO Techniques


1. Improve Titles & Descriptions

The title is the first thing a visitor sees on your site. Marking its relevance to the content inside is extremely important. Your title and description should be able to paint an image of your page, from the outside. Title tags and meta descriptions are an important part of Organic SEO, that helps you get a relevant audience.


2. Value Your Customers

The prime objective of your website should be to value your customers. Make sure that your content has well-researched keywords. Analyzing and placing such keywords on your site will help you target your customers. This technique will directly increase your site traffic. And will build your name in front of your customer.


3. Target Local Audience

A number of businesses come up with the problem of not being able to provide their services online. If you feel the same, you should try local SEO.

Not only is it completely organic, but also helps you concentrate on your certain goals. Local SEO indicates that you’ll have to add such keywords into your content, that help your clients and search engines to figure your target location.


4. Build Your Links

Building links is a great way to improve your site. If you feel like your site has not been performing at its best, you could try adding some backlinks. Linking your site will not only increase your recognition but will help you rank higher on search results. 69% of marketers believe that link building positively helps your website.


5. Start Writing Blogs

Blogging is also another organic SEO technique to improve your site traffic. It doesn’t matter what kind of services you provide. Blogging can always help you attract customers.

It is generally observed that most people lookout for information before deciding to buy anything. Blogging helps you to clear their doubts and then provide your services on the same platform.


6. Design for Mobile

SEO is all about the user experience. The more you benefit your customers, the more they’ll visit your site. 80% of shoppers use a mobile phone, inside a physical store to either look up product reviews, compare prices, or find alternative store locations.

So, it will only be reasonable to design your website for mobile phones. It’ll have a direct effect on your ranking and traffic.



The one thing to keep in mind while executing organic SEO is to keep checking your performance. Keep a note of what improves your traffic and what deters it. Organic SEO is quite reliable and efficient, as compared to paid traffic-ads.

Not only does it improve the content of your site, but also gives you long-term clients. This is why organic SEO should be your top-most priority when looking to rank your website on different search results.


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