Does SEO matter in 2021?

Questions like: Does SEO really matter? should not exist nowadays as the advantage of organic traffic is more than obvious.  However, people ask that on google every single day.  


Search Engine Optimisation

On the other side, if you put your focus on paid traffic: when the budget is gone-there are no more leads.

Paid traffic costs are getting higher and higher, and it is hard to predict will the campaign be successful or not. 

Organic traffic does not give you results immediately. It takes weeks or months to start showing some results but the benefit is more long-term.

SEO content can continue to generate positive results months, sometimes years after it is published. That is a huge advantage. On top of that, organic leads usually convert better.

Advantages of SEO strategy:

Provides better user experience

Organic traffic provides users what they need. Copy, photos, videos, or information is something people search, and Google knows that. SEO content will give visitors the experience they want and they will award you by coming back to your website.


Converts better

Sure ads can bring you tons of traffic but look from your own perspective. Will you have a better filing by getting somewhere because of the paid ad, or more organically through the information and rankings?

People like to get what they want because they have searched for it instead of what they have been offered. 


SEO content is a primary source of leads by volume

If you are looking at overall internet traffic most of the visitors are coming to the websites by organic search.

Google wanted to change that in the past but they did not manage to do it. Why? Because customers believe more in organic search results. 


Brings better ROI

The math is simple here. With today’s cost of advertising, SEO content gives you more ROI. It takes time and the result will not be immediate. But in the long run, SEO brings you better ROI.


SEO makes wonders for brand building

As we already said, people trust organic search and rankings. Imagine being in the top search and having that level of credibility. People trust other people, good ranking makes you an industry leader. 


SEO brings all marketing strategies together

Making content, doing research, social media marketing, e-mail, etc. all that is involved in Search Engine Optimisation. Thus, companies are bringing together their marketing strategy.

When all that is in place you will have results with SEO.

Google Search


Does SEO matter? It does and it will matter even more in the future. If you really want to beat the competition there is no better way than go full force with optimization.

As time goes we understand more and more the importance of a brand. With branding, you can distinguish yourself from the competitors and clarify what it is you offer that makes you the better choice. Organic SEO traffic can help with that.

Useful tips from Neil Patel, a famous SEO guru.


Search Engine Optimization

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