Ubersuggest: Website Analysis Tool for SEO Agency and Freelancers

Do you need paid tools to properly analyze websites and do keyword research? In short-YES. Especially as an SEO agency or a consultant.


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Free and premium SEO tools for an SEO Agency and Freelancers

Sure, there are many free tools around and if you are on a budget you can use them. Any data is better than no data.

Let’s say that you just started a business on your own, and working with very limited funds. An SEO agency is not an option. Even better, you have zero to invest.

Free tools are a good starting point because you definitely need some performance data, and help with keyword research. However, I would advise a little investment when the budget allows. 

Ubersuggest was a free tool up to recently but Neil Patel (current owner) decided to charge for the service.

Ubersuggest Pricing

What is interesting is the price starting from 29$/month for the individual account. At least at the moment. This tool is extremely useful and the pricing is excellent.

If you check some other premium keyword research tools you’ll easily come to 99$/month or even more. That is a nice amount of money for just one of the apps you need.

If we compare Ubersuggest with the free ones and the premium software by the capabilities, it comes somewhere in the middle if not above.

On the other side, the price is way lower. Thus making it very competitive in today’s market and a good option for young SEO agencies and freelancers.


Neil Patel Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest design



Like other Neil Patel’s designs, Ubersuggest is beautifully designed. It almost calms your eyes. The dashboard could offer more customizable features but altogether for a small to midsize company or SEO agency, this is a great tool of choice. The benefit of a simplified dashboard is the “easy to use” concept. 

You do not need to spend much time learning how to navigate through the Ubersuggest interface. This is a big advantage for young freelancers or a startup SEO agency. 

All together, Ubersuggest helps you find new content ideas, learn about your competitors, and get keyword suggestions. Exactly that is essential for any website with content.  


Neil Patel’s tool offers a lot for the price. It works even as a free tool, but with very limited functionality. For the real data, you actually don’t need to pay a lot of money. 

There are a 7 days free trial version on their website. Why not give this tool a shot? 

Simplicity has many advantages. 

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