How to use video tutorials properly

The learning curve is present all the time in today’s world of entrepreneurship. Watching tutorials is having a big role here. 

Trends are changing constantly so fresh knowledge is needed. If nothing else, you have to be aware of the trends. 

I have to watch various tutorials for my projects and I really enjoy that. Wait a minute. I enjoy that? That is a very dangerous thing to have here.  

Watching tutorials on YouTube and stay up to date

Watching tutorials on YouTube

If you do something you really enjoy, it can happen that you will be carried away

Let’s say you are watching a tutorial about the latest trends in SEO and you take the information you need but the thing is not over. 

The tutorial goes further and lasts about an hour or even worse you change to another one because why not..?  I mean, taking all that knowledge.. it is useful, right?

Yes it is but where is the line between “it is useful” and “how much I really need at the moment”.

Because time is useful also, probably more useful than some of the information you took away from the material you are watching. 

People get caught in watching and watching the tutorials. In the end, they do not do as much as they have planned. What I do to overcome that is:

  • Watch short tutorials 
  • Stop tutorial when I find what I need, and go back to work 
  • Dedicate time for watching tutorials if I need it. That way I do not interrupt the workflow.
  • Search not only youtube but the text content, that way I can just extract information and go back to work
a man working watching tutorials in the office

watching tutorials can be beneficial

Importance of the workflow

Workflow is very important, keeping the schedule is very important.

Work you do is the most important thing in the whole spectrum of your activities. Productivity is the output, that you need to keep an eye on. It deserves to have the priority.

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