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In the previous article, I checked data on the already established website. We did the website analysis of a blog of Bill Gates and there was no surprise for us. We knew there is going to be tons of traffic, keywords, etc.

But, what if we do a website analysis for a recently build website? How we can benefit from something like that?

In the article below we are going to make a website analysis with totally opposite characteristics to the Bill Gates blogging site. Let’s see what we can find out.

Like in the previous example we are going to use the Ubersuggest Website Audit feature. I will go manually through the site and check for obvious mistakes as well.

Let’s scan the website first, here we go;

Weydinger Website Review

Website stats


On-page SEO Score as The First Step When Performing Website Analysis

The on-page score is 82 which is great. For a detailed explanation about this specific metric, feel free to go to my previous article where you can find a clear definition. 

It is, of course, great to have such a nice on-page score but this alone will not help this website to rank on Google. 


Organic monthly traffic 

Organic monthly traffic does not exist in this case. This is where the opportunities are. Many websites stay in this state for months or even years. It is a pure waste of potential. In this case, the alternative is to have paid traffic.

But again, making the campaign that will bring a solid ROI is not an easy thing to do. Proper SEO needs to be done here.


Organic Keywords – Important Part of Website Analysis

Talking with the website owner I realized he did actually put some of the keywords on the website. However, he did not make any keyword research.

Just like many of the other website owners, he was not fully aware of how to do proper keyword research. This is one of the things that can cause a loss of time, money, and even the whole project.

I was already writing about keyword research and I will for sure go deeper into this topic in the future. It is one of the key things in SEO. Keyword research must be done properly, if possible by the professional.  



Again, nothing to see here. The website is relatively new so no surprises here. This website is about music production, so I do not expect hardcore SEO competition on other websites.

However, some backlinks are necessary for a decent Google ranking. 


Finding Errors During Website Analysis Process

Weydinger Website Scan Technical SEO

Technical errors on the site


We already noticed the website is lacking content. Here we can see some very important information. The SEO IMPACT of a low word count is high. So, we have low difficulty and high SEO impact.

This needs to be corrected asap, more content is needed. Not any content but a relevant and optimized copy, images, and if possible video. Website Audit

Website Audit-Technical errors

No meta description on 3 pages, this is quite easy to fix. But, what is a meta description? It is the 160 character snippet used to summarize a web page’s content. These two rows at the bottom of the screenshot below is a meta description.


Meta description

The meta description on Google


Site speed (screenshot below) is becoming one of the key factors for ranking on Google. Mainly because of mobile search. Each second more loading time will cost you visitors.

On this page, we have relatively good desktop speed, and it’s about 3 seconds. But, mobile needs improvement. It could be the photos are not optimized but in any case, this needs to be fixed.

The website is on Wix which is not ideal. WordPress is more SEO-friendly according to available data. However, you can have good results with Wix as well. 

Site speed stats

Desktop and mobile website load speed.


Keyword research

There was no proper Keyword Research done for this website. Some keywords are inserted into the websites but they are too competitive and not focused enough. It is highly unlikely to expect some ranking based on that.

In this case, I researched more local and long-tail keywords to fully complete the website audit report.



In the website analysis, I scanned the pages for technical SEO and went manually through the site to find obvious mistakes. Next to the already mentioned errors, I have found problems like the logo-too small, no physical address on the website, no map pinpoint, and no reviews. All of that is included in the report (sent to the client) with a more detailed explanation. Google did many changes lately and all that counts for the ranking, especially locality-related information. 

If you want me to audit your website, feel free to email me.


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