Website Design Ideas | Beginners Guide

In today’s world, just having a website is not enough. Whether you are a student, a beginner, or looking for personal website design ideas, website design should be creative. Your online presence has a significant influence on your audience and customers. The following questions answer the common queries regarding the topic.


How can I Get Website Design Ideas?

The first step towards a quality website design is to explore new ideas and follow the pattern that influences you the most. You can get website design ideas from Pinterest, Behance, and other websites.

Here are some of the ways to get the best website design ideas.

  • Industry Research

Take a view of the websites that fall in your niche, pick the ideas that inspire you, and add them to your website. Conduct surveys to gather valuable insights.

  • Study Design Principles

Do competing websites’ analyses to observe their principles. Those principles will give you innovative website design ideas.

  • Ask for Feedback

Your audience is the most honest to get an opinion from them. Take feedback from potential users and improve website design accordingly.

What are Some Cool Website Design Ideas? 

Regarding website design ideas, there are a variety of ideas to follow. Most cool ones are:

  • Minimalist

If you are looking for simple ideas, prioritize minimalist designs. Use plain typography, clean lines, and a neutral color palette.

  • Illustrations & Graphics

Unique illustrations can make your website design memorable. Website design ideas for students contain images and infographics to enhance user experience. 

  • Responsive Design

The website design ideas with code must be responsive and compatible with all devices, from Desktop computers to smartphones.

  • Dynamic Typography

Ideas for small businesses promote dynamic typography to get the attention of their visitors. Typography makes the details more appealing. 


What are the 5 Elements to a Good Website Design?

Before creating a good website design, you must know the basic elements of a good design. The leading five aspects of a good website design include:

  • Usability

The navigation bar should be at the top and easy to use. The visitors should quickly get the data they are looking for on the website.

  • Content

The website content must be according to your customer’s knowledge. It should display accurate information according to users’ needs.

  • Aesthetics

The visual display of the website can make the audience stay for more time on your site. Try picking a suitable theme and adding animations.

  • Call to Actions

The code must clear all the call-to-action buttons and ensure no broken links exist.

  • User Experience

The fast loading rate, easy navigation, and responsive designs improve the user experience. Add feedback forms and a comments section to increase engagement from the users.


What are the 5 Basic Parts of a Website?

To make the appearance of a website presentable and appealing, you should know about the parts of a website. The detail about the basic parts of a website is as follows:

  • Header

The central part of the website is a header at the top. The header includes the logo, navigation bar, search bar, sign-up buttons, and other important information about the website. 

  • Content

The content part is responsible for all the website visits. The content should cover everything related to your niche.

  • Footer

The footer is at the bottom of the website design and includes copyright information, social media handles, and a contact form.

  • Sidebar

The sidebar is optional and contains additional links or ads related to the content.

  • Background

The background is the pattern, colour, or frame on which all the text is displayed.

Final Words

The website lets your audience interact with a part of your personality. The best way to increase website traffic is to follow a good website design idea pattern like the one described here.

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