Free Website Rank Checker | What You Need to Know

Having a great website rank is a dream of every website owner. But the ultimate way to achieve this is not easy but tricky. No matter what strategy you follow for your website search engine optimization, there is one thing you need to do regularly.

It is to check the ranking of your website and your competitors. This approach will help you get good rankings as well as maintain them because once your website ranks, the competition even increases. Google is constantly changing the SERP results. Let us now find out the best website ranking checkers!


How Can I Check My Website Ranking?

In order to check your website ranking, traffic, and all relevant optimization factors, you need to depend on a reliable Google website rank checker. Here are the top 4 you can trust easily.

1- SE Ranking

SE Ranking claims to be an all-in-one SEO software made simple, which stands true in all its features. It is the best free website rank checker. Though you can buy the paid version, the free one also comes with all the required functionalities.

The best features you can make the most of for your business’s success include keyword rank tracking and in-depth website audit. The stats it shows on an easy-to-understand UI will help you improve your ranking by working on many factors. You can also integrate this tool with Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

2- Similarweb

Similarweb is also a trustworthy website traffic checker. You need to look no further than this tool if you are looking for the ultimate competitor analysis solution. It can help you scale your business online by bringing more traffic to all web pages and upgrading the SEO strategy.

The credible data, Similarweb shows on the user-friendly interface is drawn by tracking the number of activities across the web from apps, websites, databases, and search engines.

Thus, you can make important business decisions while relying on the results of this tool. Having this tool, you can conduct organic research, traffic analysis, advertising research, and much more, along with competitor analysis.

3- Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a credible name in the SEO industry that businesses of all scales, including big and small rely on for their online success. Being 2nd fastest web crawler, it is only behind Google regarding web crawling. Its exceptional tools and features make it the best free website traffic checker.

All you have to do is insert the URL you want to inspect and see the magic happening. This tool can conduct keyword research, competitor analysis, and backlink audits. Though it is comparatively expensive, its extensive features and interface make it worth the price.

4- MOZ

From boosting website traffic to conducting keyword research, optimization, and rank checking, MOZ is the number one tool for all SEO functionalities. This free Google website ranking checker knows its features and capabilities with no limits. The industry standard metrics that it uses to measure the ranking of a website play an influential role for Google as well.

Besides rank tracking, you can use this tool for website audit, keyword analysis, and backlink analysis. MOZ Pro has even more features, but you can get the job done efficiently using the free version as well.


What is the Best Ranking Website?

The success of a website can be determined by comparison with its competitors. Every niche has a different level of competition that requires particular scores and SEO strategy.

Just because one website ranks on one number for all niche relevant keywords does not mean that it is your competitor, even if you are in the same niche. Competition depends on scale, the specific group of people who are your target audience, and many other factors.

That being said, you still would be curious about the top 100 websites of all time or who exactly is acing SEO. The website with the highest traffic is, then comes The third is, with number four.

What is a Good Score for a Website?

Before defining a good score, you must understand the factors contributing to good ranking and more website traffic.

Google uses three factors to assign a score called website quality score to give each website a number within the range of 1 – 10. The more the number, the better. Above 5 is the average score, while below 5 is bad. 8, 9, and 10 are the best scores. The three factors are as follows!


Abbreviation of click-through rate; this term shows how many users click the ad after coming across it.


The connection of your ad to the user search intent. The stronger the connection, the better.

Landing Page Experience:

It’s users’ engagement with the landing page after clicking the ad.

Google does not use the website quality score to rank websites, but this score plays an impactful role.

How Can I Check My Website Ranking on Google for Free?

To learn how to check a website’s ranking on Google, let us take Ahrefs, for example. It has an exceptional keyword rank checker with three valuable features mentioned below!

Site Explorer:

In this section, you can see every keyword for which your webpage/website ranks.

Rank Tracker:

This feature tracks the progress of thousands of keywords over time.

Keywords Explorer: 

This section offers helpful information about ranking web pages on a keyword.


Website rank: Conclusion

It can be overwhelming and confusing for businesses to keep up with website rankings over time. This goes true, especially for small businesses. Staying updated on the SERP results and making decisions according to newly updated rankings can leave you lost. Hiring a good SEO company is best to take care of your rankings.

Weydinger is a great company to hire since their experts will help you upgrade your business to the highest possible rankings for all target keywords and achieve credibility in the online world.

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