What is Bing & How to Use it?

What is Bing? It is a web search engine, brought to existence by Microsoft in 2009. If you’ve never heard about it, you’re surely missing quite a lot.

Being the second largest search engine behind Google, Microsoft’s search engine offers a broad range of advanced features and filters, that enhance your web search experience.

This Microsoft search engine is a rendition of its past modules MSN Search and Windows Live Search. And is mostly known by users who are tired of the search patterns and interface of Google and want to try something different.

It’s not a bad weapon in your bag, as it offers quite a diversity in its search filters and algorithms than Google.


Bing vs. Google

Rivalries are what make the competition interesting. Bing Search, being the second most used search engine on the web, always keeps Google on its toes. Both of them compete quite well on their data information, social privacy, and ads marketing.


1. Appearance

Straightaway, the most important thing that differentiates the two search giants is their home page. Google, from the very beginning, opts for a very minimalist design with a white background.

Bing, on the other hand, constantly shifts its background with mesmerizing sceneries and hot topics. The choice between them often goes to taste. People who like to be amazed constantly with a striking page and newsletter will most likely opt for Bing Search.


2. Search Filters

Although it may not seem much, both sites have different filter patterns and algorithms. This is what makes both of them unique. Bing, like Google, also offers advanced search filters.

These options help you narrow your search domain and focus on the data information you’re targeting. Google easily beats Bing in this domain with its to-the-point functions and tools.


3. Search Results

Both the search engines have one job; to display relevant results quickly and orderly. This is to assist the user in taking up the best choice, the internet has to offer.

Bing Search meets the criteria of Google, providing rather constructive and useful search results to its users. Although there are many instances where it seems that the Bing search results tend to fall behind Google search results in terms of up-to-date relevancy.


4. User Experience

Bing Search, with its Microsoft Rewards program, intends to take on the competition to Google. While Google remains quite far from this practice, Bing has made it possible for users to receive incentives and rewards for their everyday searches.

This reward program is linked to a Microsoft account, which makes it quite easy for you to collect points and then exchange them for rewards. Still, many people prefer loyalty to Google for its minimal and accurate experience.


5. Mobile Compatibility

Bing, like Google Chrome, is the default search engine to many credible browsers on the app store. But apart from that, you can also download the separate Bing Search app which focuses primarily on its mobile-friendly design and adaptation.

The search engine app takes care of your privacy and introduces you to many wide-ranging features like near-me, fun quizzes, games, and gas locations.


Features of the Microsoft Search Engine

Bing has many privacy-oriented and media features. Its advanced video search and video preview options help you pick the video with the right resolution, duration, and adjustable size.

Bing Search can be used to search for various topics such as Finance, Local, Health, News, Maps, Sports, Reports, Weather, and Social.

Whether you’re a scholar looking for some relevant literature or a businessman checking for stocks, you’ll get them right away in a single search.

Whether you’re following your favorite sports team or tracking the flight of a loved one, just one search can unlock the wonders for you. Bing provides all sorts of data and information before you can even blink your eye.

Apart from the regulars, you can also try out the Bing Translator and Predictor. Such features make your news interesting, as well as helpful.

You can go through the many newsletter data insights on Bing. They make sure to adapt to your taste in the news so that you stay up-to-date with anything and everything.

It’s common knowledge that Microsoft Bing isn’t appreciated as much as Google. But this does not rule out the fact that it’s the second choice to most US internet users. And plays a vital role in the search engine market.

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