White Hat SEO: Killer Tips to Rank & Stay within the Books?

Ready to learn about white hat SEO? As you know, Google has an algorithm by which it ranks thousands of websites for a single search. This happens in a matter of a few milliseconds. There are a lot of criteria by which the search engine analyzes your website.

Some people tend to figure out these techniques and use them to rank their websites. These techniques are divided into two types, one of which is White Hat SEO.


What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO is all the methods and techniques that are recommended by the search engine to rank your website. These methods are entirely appropriate and within the terms and conditions of the search engine. It is the collection of organic methods that rank thousands of websites according to site quality and efficiency.

For example, Google recommends you have a fast loading time for your site. This means that you can increase the rank of your website by optimizing its speed.


White Hat vs. Black Hat

A few years back, the black hat SEO was the charm of every internet site. Keyword stuffing and link spamming were common. This is because it was a general practice that black hat SEO yields faster results than white hat SEO, which normally relies on organic factors.

However, times have changed. And so has Google. Nowadays, search engines try to favor websites based on white hat SEO.

This is because they want to discourage the unethical practices of black hat SEO, which help you to rank your website without any quality. Because of the risk, most sites are now shifting towards safe and reliable white hat SEO techniques.


5 Common White Hat Techniques


1. Keyword Research

The use of keywords has evolved drastically throughout the last few years. At first, stuffing keywords into the content was thought to be the only way to rank your content. However, with the advancements in the algorithm, white hat SEO now dictate that you should stay as relevant to the topic as you can.

This is because the search engine now conducts a detailed analysis of how you’ve used your sentences. They also note the context and niche of your content.

Because of this, you should try to add keywords naturally instead of stuffing them up in the article. You can try using synonyms of the same word in the content.


2. Competitive Strategy

The marketing of the content is as important as writing it. You need to know how your competitors fare in the market. By studying their strategies, you can make a much better marketing plan for your content.

You can try to advertise your content on relevant social media platforms. A good idea would be to share the links at relevant query boxes. You can even add backlinks or can request others to mention you in their requests.

This way, you would be able to network your content throughout all the necessary platforms.


3. Quality Content

Quality is the most important factor in determining your rank. If you’ve written poor content and you expect it to succeed at the search engine, then you’re just building castles in the air. You could apply white hat SEO techniques to your content, by keeping the length and keyword distribution optimum.

The best possible way to achieve this will be to hire a professional SEO content writer. You could also get quality content via a digital marketing agency. But if you decide to do everything yourself, then the best suggestion will be to get it proofread by a professional.


4. Business Listing

Officially listing your business at Google My Business (GMB) is another white hat SEO technique that comes in handy, quite often. It can help you rank higher by converging relevant local traffic to your business.

Claiming your GMB helps you increase your sales and conversion rates. It not only facilitates you but also provides a premium experience to your customers.


5. User Experience

Search engines, like Google, depend on many reflexive formulas, that allow them to identify any bad experience at a site. This is where a white hat website helps you.

Your design and content will provide quality to the user, who will be satisfied with the results. Google will make the perception and will rank you higher on its searches.

User experience is a prime factor in your ranking. Building a compatible and fast website, with a reliable mobile design, will help you get Google’s attention in no time.



No matter how shiny the other end looks, no one can beat white hat SEO methods in terms of their reliability and user experience.

There is nothing more a search engine loves than to see a site with quality content optimized with white hat SEO techniques and practices.

These practices will help your website in the long run. And will help you build a connection of trust and reliance with your users.

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