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(400 EUR)

So, you have a website online. Good for you! But, is everything in place? The website needs to serve its purpose. Think of a website as a Formula One Car. It brings an amazing experience to the visitors at the races, but it can not drive without the gasoline. SEO is the gasoline here and our Berlin SEO Kickstart package will give you a great start. This one-time fee is ideal for newly built websites or the ones without prior search engine optimization. 

Leave your competitors in the dust.


  1. Keywords Research List 
  2. Custom URL 
  3. Install modules for CMS
  4. Create Page Title and Descriptions
  5. Re-Name Image Files & ALT text
  6. Check and Re-Name H1 Headers
  7. Re-Name Anchor Text
  8. Create an XML sitemap 
  9. Add Social Share Buttons to Blog Posts
  10. Submit Website to 5 Local Directories
  11. Ensure Business is Google Verified
  12. Get 3 Google Reviews. (Request for the Client)

*Price is based on a 5-page website. Additional pages are 50 EUR each.

When you’re faced with thousands of technical SEO issues, knowing where to start can be vital.

Website Audit 

(300 EUR)

A website audit is a full analysis of parameters related to your website’s visibility on the search engine. Thru this process, you will learn why your site is not generating the traffic you want. Our complete website check will provide you feedback on the technical errors all the way to the content-related issues. Make sure that you provide your visitors with great user experience and the search engine all they need to rank your site. 

We provide a personalized report that details potential web errors and SEO problems on your website.

Our report includes:

  • Technical audit
  • Competitive audit
  • Content audit
  • Link audit

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