Bad SEO practices to AVOID

So, you have a blog and it is newly registered or just does not have much traffic on it. Looks like you need some organic traffic. But, what you do not need it is Bad SEO practice. Browsing the internet you can find many different tactics to increase traffic to your blog. Some of them are […]

5 simple ways to increase traffic to your website

There is almost no serious business on the planet without a website. But if you have one, better make sure that your website is generating some traffic. Here on we talk a lot about organic traffic. There are many things you can do without investing tons of money for advertising. When having a website […]

Keyword research

When doing keyword research chances are that you are not hiring the SEO company. Instead you decided to make your own content. Good job! Making your own content is a great opportunity to stay updated with your industry and learn more.   The first step in making the content for your website is something called keyword […]

Does SEO really matter?

Questions like: Does SEO really matter? should not exist nowadays as the advantage of organic traffic is more than obvious.  However, people ask that on google every single day.   On the other side, if you put your focus on paid traffic: when the budget is gone-there are no more leads. Paid traffic costs are getting […]

Ubersuggest – keyword research and website analysis tool

Do you need paid tools to properly analyze websites and do keyword research? In short-YES. Especially as an SEO agency or a consultant. Free and premium SEO tools Sure, there are many free tools around and if you are on a budget you can use them. Any data is better than no data. Let’s say […]

When should you use SEO?

I was diving into the sea of SEO related topics lately and the more I dive in the more I realize how important SEO is.  Something like an SEO agency in Berlin is not so often here in the city. What you can see around is many companies doing broader digital marketing services. They offer […]

How to use video tutorials properly

The learning curve is present all the time in today’s world of entrepreneurship. Watching tutorials is having a big role here.  Trends are changing constantly so fresh knowledge is needed. If nothing else, you have to be aware of the trends.  I have to watch various tutorials for my projects and I really enjoy that. […]

Importance of Search Engine Optimisation

I’ve come across many different pieces of information about Search Engine Optimisation today. Some say it is dead, some say it is still relevant. From my experience SEO is still very important.  Moreover, it will become more and more important in the near future. Let’s put it this way: if you completely ignore Search Engine […]

Persistence is crucial in business

Persistency is one of the crucial characteristics of all successful people. Recently I watched a documentary about legendary soccer player Diego Armando Maradona. His big days are over a long time ago but nowadays he coaches some second graded teams every now and then. We could say that probably his strongest asset as a coach […]

A change of strategy in the early stages of business

Sometimes people get too emotional about the concept, service, or product they develop in the early stage of business.  Early-stage of business can be very sensitive.   They forget to listen to the market, they forget how important it is to see what works & what doesn’t and then make needed adjustments along the way. If […]

The Impact Of COVID 19: Advice For Starting a Business From Home

If you search the internet these days and check the information about how the COVID 19 crisis will impact the start-ups, basically all the information is focused on the fundings. How the coronavirus will negatively impact fundings and how start-ups should use every penny wisely.  Starting a business from home What happens if you are starting a business from […]

Position yourself on the market

The importance of positioning on the market is often underrated. You need to understand your market, you have to have a desire to dominate your specific market.  Ask yourself: “Who is your competition?” ”Who are your customers?’‘ Those are very important questions. If you are starting a business within something that is your passion, you probably […]

Building a brand through blogging

Producing content is probably one of the most important things in the early stages of starting a new business. Why building a brand this way is important for you? Because it’s free (if you do it by yourself), and will generate traffic for you.  Blogging can be done successfully even at the cost of zero […]

How to get more time

Time is not money; it is way more important than the money will ever be.  So, how to get more time? I just read an article on a new time machine that was built in Russia. Finally we can go back in time and just do whatever we want over and over again. Unfortunately, that’s […]

Starting a business in the family environment

Things are never easy when starting a business from scratch   Many people find starting a business when working full time and having a family-impossible. A large subset of people has never tried anything like that. There are many different businesses you can start, and some of them are highly demanding while others are more flexible. […]

Picking a niche for your business

Do not get stuck and be too emotional, picking a niche for your business is one of the most important things.    Reason for starting a business Starting a business can have many reasons and it is very often to do with making money. That is if you want to simplify the reason to the core. […]

The Importance of Focus in Entrepreneurship

Why is focus so important in entrepreneurship? To answer this, we first need to look at why time is important to us. Time is important to us, as we cannot get more of it. Nobody ever managed to produce gallons of time or actually any small increment of time. This leads us to understand why […]