SEO FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About SEO


In digital business, SEO is something everyone has to know. Your website will be constantly dealing with SEO dos and don’ts. If you’re not in the loop, things will start to seem more difficult than they are. This SEO FAQ has got you covered with all the information you need to begin with.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, as the name suggests, is a digital technique to rank your website higher on related search engine results.

These results may link to any keyword or query, a user may have. The more people find your site as their answer, the more traffic you’ll be receiving. This phenomenon which links to your site’s visibility on the network is directly etched to many SEO factors and strategies.


SEO FAQ: 8 Frequently Asked Questions About SEO


1. How Does SEO Work?

SEO entirely depends on the Google algorithm which keeps on shifting to promote competition and quality. When someone searches for a particular product, Google displays a set of specific results, thus ranking them in the order of their relevancy.

If your site is associated with that product, Google will link that keyword to you. And offer your website to the user doing the search.


2. How to Rank My Site On Google?

There is no single factor that defines your success on Google. According to experts, there are at least 200 major factors that contribute to your success in the ranking world.

These may be associated with your content, backlinks, keywords, page functionality, and optimization. SEO is all about regulating these factors in a bid to increase your site traffic and visibility.


3. Does My Business Need SEO?

Ask yourself; why has your business stepped into the digital world? The obvious answer may be market expansion. But whatever the cause, the goal will be the same. To create your brand awareness and increase your sales.

Both of which cannot be achieved, unless your site is visible to the target audience. So, your answer is yes. Your business definitely needs SEO.


4. Difference Between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO?

As established, there are many factors that govern your ranking on Google. These factors are mostly divided into two categories; namely on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO is more concerned with site performance, keyword placement, title tags, and meta-descriptions. Whereas off-page SEO is more concerned with site authority, backlinks, anchor texts, and off-site marketing.

Both of them are equally crucial in determining your success in search engine optimization.


5. What is Link Building?

Link building is an important part of your SEO. It is a process in which a website links to one of your site pages. It gives you a backlink, which increases your site authority and helps you rank better.

These links however can vary in quality. So, your aim should be to target sites of high quality and relevancy to your content. Such powerful backlinks can help with your ranking and website traffic.


6. How to Write SEO Friendly Content?

A lot of SEO beginners think that SEO is all about stuffing keywords. But that is not the case. If you want to succeed in the SEO world, you should be targeting organic and SEO-processed content from the very beginning.

Some of the steps to SEO-friendly content are keyword research, search intent, relevancy, title & meta-description, URL, and call to action.


7. What is a Site Audit?

An SEO audit is a tool that helps you rate the performance of your site in multiple aspects. It is crucial to your entire SEO strategy.

This is because it helps identify the technical errors, you’ve been making throughout. It provides specific scores for multiple of the main factors responsible for ranking your site. And gives you room to improve them.


8. Should I Hire an SEO Professional?

This is where the most important question comes in; do I need an SEO professional? SEO can be a very hectic process, especially considering the number of factors you have to line up.

Many businessmen in the early stages of digitalization do not have enough time and expertise to deal with this. An SEO professional will help you achieve much better results, in a shorter span of time. Thus, giving your business the head start it needs.

Business trends are always there for a reason. If you see SEO booming in the world of digital marketing, it’s because of its proven results and statistics.

It takes next to nothing in establishing a site and optimizing it with basic SEO guidelines. There are qualified professionals handling these processes. All you need is to start at the right time with the right information.


Weydinger SEO FAQ:

Can I test the SEO of my website for free?

On Weydinger you can submit your website to be checked for free. Please contact us via email.


Does every newly developed website have SEO already in place?

No. SEO needs to be arranged separately.


Does every website, in general, have SEO in place?

No. We need to check the website to see if SEO was done or not.


Can SEO be done on a website that is already online for some time?

Yes. That is a standard procedure for websites that want to rank better.


Can we guarantee more organic traffic after the Search Engine Optimization of the website?

Yes, and we can prove that with data.


Can we guarantee the first position on Google?

No. This is not possible to guarantee.


Can I get free SEO consultation on

Yes. Please contact us, we are happy to talk about your project.