Building a Brand Through Blogging – The Essentials

Producing content is probably one of the most important things in the early stages of starting a new business. Why building a brand this way is important for you?

Because it’s free (if you do it by yourself), and will generate traffic for you.  Blogging can be done successfully even at the cost of zero monetary investment. Blogging platforms like WordPress are free to use, they can host photos and videos up to a certain extent at no cost. Now, let’s make one thing clear – if you want to be a professional from the start, you may register your own internet domain. That can cost you something like 10 or 20 bucks a year. Really a ridiculously small amount for what you can get. Blogs are easy to administer so you do it all by yourself.


Creating good content is crucial for the process of building a brand

You can even start building a brand while still not having your own internet domain. Maybe just by using a domain of the blog platform, or making posts as part of a social network profile. Options are endless, but creating good content is crucial. Good content will route traffic to your profile.

Again, you can buy traffic, but this is not what we are talking about. You can get traffic for free by making interesting content for the industry or niche you participate in. In other words: you have to provide value when building a brand. The more value you give out, the more interesting your profile will get.


What kind of content your potential target wants?

Make sure to understand what kind of content your potential target wants and needs to see. Can they make use of it? What you ideally want is that they can use it to their own benefit, because that will keep people coming back over and over again. Providing value means giving out content that benefits them, not directly yourself. Through good content, you can build your brand by being a consistent, honest, original, and useful provider. 

If you still don’t have a blog, but you would like to build a brand: now is the time to start.

Here are the initial steps that can guide you while starting the blog:

1. Go to WordPress (or any other similar platform) and activate a blog.

2. Make it clear: Who is your target? Why are you blogging? What value do you give?

3. Make sure to set up a ‘subscribe’ option on the page, you want to collect the email addresses of the people interested in your content.

Pay attention to the visual aspect of the whole thing. Design is very important. Your content is your original material, so it must be the focus of the website. Familiarize yourself with the analytics on the platform and do a deep dive into this. There is no alternative for the data that can be gathered from here.



Personal branding secrets by Neil Patel in the video below



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