Why Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimisation in 2021

I’ve come across many different pieces of information about Search Engine Optimisation today. Some say it is dead, some say it is still relevant.

From my experience Search Engine Optimisation is still very important.  Moreover, it will become more and more important in the near future.

Importance of Search Engine Optimisation in Importance of Search Engine Optimisation in today's business business

Importance of SEO in today’s business

Let’s put it this way: if you completely ignore Search Engine Optimisation on your web presentation I am quite sure your page can not rank on the search engines.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence today developed enormously, beyond all our expectations and good SEO is a must. 

You can not count on organic traffic without having SEO on the highest possible level. 

Search Engine Optimisation is the main generator for organic traffic, way more than paid traffic, and even more than organic social.


Pay attention to SEO, measure data, check your stats, and the story will change completely. Content creation will be more simple, and way more fun to do.

You will get more clarity and direction than before. As we already mentioned-content is king. But not just any content… it’s about optimized and useful content. Having that in mind I will briefly mention why you should pay good attention to SEO:


  • Most of the traffic from search engines comes from SEO

  • When you earn search engine ranking-they have a long term duration

  • SEO traffic has low costs

  • Good SEO affects your visitors positively

  • Search Engine Optimisation traffic converts better than other sources because it conveys trust from the Search Engine

  • SEO enables you to understand customers needs

  • SEO has a global reach


Those are all just some of the reasons why you shouldn’t neglect SEO. It makes your life way easier if you know exactly what you have to do content-wise.

Matt Diggity made a short video on the topic. Please see below.

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Search Engine Optimization

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