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I was diving into the sea of SEO-related topics lately and the more I dive in the more I realize how important SEO is. Having an SEO Agency in Berlin should be a good move because of all the startup companies here. However, many of them are not focusing only on SEO.

What you can see around is many companies doing broader digital marketing services. They offer SEO incorporated in the general offer. Meaning, they are not specialized only for SEO.

Dedicated SEO agency

A specialized SEO agency in Berlin will become a more standard thing in the future.

I believe this will change in the near future. Search Engine Optimisation is more and more important as time goes. A specialized SEO agency in Berlin will become a more standard thing here.

Local SEO: Important Part of Running an SEO agency in Berlin

Local SEO promotes your company or any other business on the local level.

Meaning, location-based searches. This is especially important in 2020. You want to enable your business to be found when people are searching locally.

All that comes in to play when someone using criteria such as

  • City
  • State
  • ZIP code
  • “Near me” searches, etc.

Google picks up the location of a person searching and does the magic of connecting with the local search results. This is the moment you want your business to appear.

We all know that people are using mobile phones to search. Today this is the case more than ever.

Actually, most of the searches are done that way. Imagine someone walking through the city, performs a search for a specific product or a service, and Google connects him with the closest provider. Do you realize how powerful is that?

SEO started to become quite a big thing after the year 2000 but became really important in the 2010s. 

If you are a business owner, maybe you ask yourself: When should I use SEO? 

Pretty much any website needs SEO and if you are starting with some form of a business, you need to pay good attention to the performance of your website. 

Some people still today make the mistake of thinking that a good website is needed only if you are into some kind of an online business. The truth is you need one for basically any business you have. 

Thus being said, starting from the first published piece of content you need to pay attention to the SEO. No, let me correct myself. Actually even before that because you have to know what you will actually post. 

Keyword research

Keyword research is a must in the SEO process and that needs to be done before the material goes online. You have to know what you are posting online. Having no clue about keywords that you need to incorporate into your copy is basically like driving a car in the dark with the lights off. 

Better don’t do it. It is a waste of time and all the other resources you have. 

People’s attention span went down dramatically since the rise of social media. Because of that formatting is becoming more and more important. 

You can not just post a text with the title and that’s it. Headings need to be present, blog posts must contain min. 300 words or more for the standard WordPress content.

Line spacing comes into place as well. All those details are worth your time and attention. The time is now for Search Engine Optimisation and that will not change in the nearest future. As long as we have the Internet, there will be some optimization for sure. 

An SEO agency or DIY?

Luckily, nowadays we have so many great tools and extensions that can help you with ranking on google.

There is even a wide selection of free ones to use. We are going to talk about some of them in future articles. In the meantime do your research and if you have a website make sure to check your SEO.

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