Voice search optimization in 2021 – A Dead Simple Strategy

What is Voice Search Optimization? Do you know exactly what voice search is? Voice Search is a way we search for answers from God, meaning Google. In this case, we use our voice. 

Google processes over 40,000 search queries in 2020. That number will grow each year. People find it more simple to just talk opposite to use their fingers and type.

It is not the question should you do a voice search optimization, but “What are you waiting for?” Let’s see why voice search is so important. 


Importance of Voice Search Optimization

If we are checking the raw data, here is what we can find:

  • Most of the searches in 2020 are already done by voice search
  • Nearly 50% of adults use voice search daily
  • Over 50% of people today are using voice when researching for the product

This should already be enough to open your eyes. The question is: How can you optimize your website for voice search? 

How to optimize for voice search

The website should be optimized for voice devices.

How to optimize for voice SEO

When we search on Google the result is placed in the featured snippet. You do not have to be nr. 1 in the main search to be featured in the snippet.

If your page is super optimized and you are somewhere on the first page, there is a good chance to take the lead here. The idea of a featured snippet is to give a quick and clear answer to the question. This is also called Position Zero. 

Here is the catch. Voice search is reading the result placed in the featured snippet. When you say something to Google Home, Amazon Echo, or Siri, they will extract data from position zero, meaning the featured snippet. 

Position Zero is more important for mobile users. However, pay good attention to feature snippets in any case because the benefits to a zero position are Increased traffic and a higher click-through rate.

But there is more 🙂

Google didn’t want to make things simple. Thus, we have Rich Result as well. A rich result is a listing in Google search results that goes beyond the standard blue link. They often include images, ratings, carousels, etc. 


Rich results have the following characteristics:

  • They are more important for B2C companies and local businesses
  • Rich results are divided into two different types. We have enhancements and content types.
  • If you want to obtain a rich result, structured data is a must
  • If you need a testing tool for rich results, Google is having a solution for you.


Key things for optimizing the content

Did I mention you need to focus on the user? Well, you need to focus on the user…

However, there is more:

  • How does your content rank in search queries that generate featured snippets? Do you know which search queries generate a featured snippet?
  • Do you have structured data on your page?
  • Take action, take action, and then take a bit more action. Analyze data and improve whatever you can. 


Do you still have questions about how to do this?  Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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