How Google works: Secrets not many people know

Google is a Search Engine and they are machines. Their purpose is to organize content on the internet and provide the best results for the searchers. Amazing, right? But how Google search actually works?

Let’s do a little bit of history now. In the early days of the Internet, with not many websites around, things used to be very simple. But the Internet got bigger over time and the invention of the search engine enabled us to find things more easily.

Google is not the only and was not the first search engine.  But how they manage to beat all others?

They were the first when it comes to some of the key features we have when browsing websites. Linking between the sites and checking the trust and the authority. These two things were game-changers. 

Google developed throughout the years and the algorithm checks a huge number of parameters. Your website holds a set of information and that is called on-site SEO.

But there is also an off-site SEO. Google checks all of that. All those factors influence your presence in a different way, everything has its own value. Our Almighty God (Google) is creating a list of results and puts together rankings.

Your job is to be as higher as possible on the search. 

How Google Works

Do you know how Google works?

How Google Search Engine Really Works

Google isn’t doing a live search of the internet every time you type something into the search bar. What? You did not know that? Now you know. Google is searching Google Index. What is that?

Google Index is a copy of the websites that Google has already discovered beforehand.

The search engine is sending bots (spiders) to crawl the sites or web posts and actually read the content over and over again. That is called spidering. However, that does not mean your website will be indexed by Google immediately. But it is the first step to get there.

When the website is crawled, Google stores the content and generates the Index. Spiders are doing the job at the speed of light.

This ensures the new pages are discovered in a timely manner. In other words: Google Index is always up-to-date. 


How Does Google Rank Websites?

Google is a beast that can rank millions of websites in a second or even faster. The processes they are using are called Algorithms.

When you google the latest recipe for gluten-free pasta, an algorithm checks the Index and returns you the list of searches that match the query.   

The Algorithm checks all the factors to understand what would be the best result for you.  Simply, Google does the ranking.

Based on the on-site and off-site factors, the algorithm will do the magic. Afterward, it will decide which websites are the best match for your search. You will then get your results. 

All of that is the reason why SEO is so important. If you are a website owner, now you understand how SEO influences the site and how Google works. 

We don’t just trust Google, we rely on this website in our everyday life. Use data, improve your website, and always go for longevity. 

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