What is SEO Marketing? Your Step-By-Step Guide

No matter how informational today’s digital media becomes, taking one SEO marketing course can never make you an expert. It’s because SEO is an extensive concept that involves knowledge and experience in more than one field. It involves search engine optimization, marketing, and digital media.

Multiple marketing tools ensure to make a business accessible, liked, and preferred by its online target audience. You can find several dedicated tools for each part of SEO. What else is there to know about what is SEO in digital marketing? Let us find out below!

SEO Marketing
Search Engine Optimization

What is an SEO for Marketing?

SEO is the optimization of a webpage under the algorithm of search engines. While marketing is getting the message of a business to its target audience in the most efficient manner.

So, what is SEO in marketing? It’s about combining both concepts to such a concept where the web page optimization serves the business’s marketing purposes. Ultimately, SEO for marketing takes place.

SEO marketing is a subdivision of digital marketing, where the algorithm of search engines plays the central part. Every aspect of a marketing campaign is decided and executed according to what search engines like Google want.


The Importance of SEO Marketing

With the increasing usage of the internet among people, the potential of search engines like Google increases for businesses. It’s because they contain a massive pipeline of people businesses want to target. That is why SEO marketing Google stands as an essential part of every business’s online presence.


What are Examples of SEO Marketing?

SEO is not limited to just publishing content and gaining a large number of backlinks. Though these two factors are important, this type of marketing extends beyond them and dwells on details. Here are some marketing examples that help you understand the concept.

  • Infographics

While reading an excellent informational article on any topic, you might have come across a graphical element containing every aspect of the topic in a precise and organized manner, infographics. These are published to add value to the content and boost SEO marketing campaigns.

  • Blogs

Blog posts serve as an important part of any SEO marketing campaign. They can serve many purposes for different kinds of your customers, depending on what part of the funnel they are in. Ideally, a website should contain dedicated blog posts separately for the people in different funnel parts.


What is SEO Marketing for Beginners?

If you are someone who wants to learn this from scratch, you can take a good SEO course. There are plenty of marketing tools involved in this process. Understanding the essential ones just to get started can help.

The base of any good SEO marketing campaign lies in writing and publishing valuable and unique content with a good keyword density in a suitable format as per the user search intent. With this much knowledge, you can apply for SEO marketing jobs at a beginner level.

However, you cannot be a beginner and still be able to design a super effective and result-driven marketing strategy. So, hiring experts in the field is always the best option since the SEO marketing cost is also budget-friendly.


What are the 4 types of SEO?

SEO is of many types, depending on the nature of your business and other factors. For example, optimizing your eCommerce store is eCommerce SEO. But mainly, there are only 4 types of SEO that also act as pillars of the optimization concept. These 4 SEO pillars together complete the optimization process of any business. Let us discuss each one below now!


  • On-Page SEO

All the activities on the web page belong to the category of on-page SEO. Also known as on-site SEO, its purpose is to ensure the engagement of users with the content so that the engagement rate can be high and the bounce rate low.

On-Page SEO examples can be the text, photographs, videos, keywords, infographics, and every element present on a web page. The importance of On-Page SEO lies in winning the trust of visitors.


  • Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is whatever activity occurs regarding a web page anywhere on the internet besides the web page itself. The purpose of this SEO pillar is to build the credibility and authority of a business.

Google emphasizes backlinks. Download any SEO PDF for your learning; you will find backlinks highlighted in the Off-Page SEO section. Backlinks should be real, valuable, and high in number. Other than backlinks, there are other off-page activities as well that boost SEO. These can be guest posts and press distribution.


  • Technical SEO

Technical SEO covers the user experience. It does not include the content you publish on your website but how it works. It concerns all the technical aspects of a website. These aspects can be responsiveness, smoothness in operating, and navigation.

This SEO aims to ensure that users are not having any trouble accessing what is available on your website. Many SEO tools can help you improve the technical side of your website.


  • Local SEO

Google is available in the whole wide world. There can hardly be a business that wants to cover every corner of the world in its SEO marketing campaign. That is why there is local SEO so that you can optimize your web pages for a specific location. Google My Business profile is the ultimate way to maximize your company in one place.



No business can be successful without an intentional, extensive, and result-driven SEO marketing strategy. You need to be clear about every step in your optimization plan so the effectiveness of the optimization process can be evident in the revenue.

You can learn this by downloading a detailed SEO marketing PDF from a credible source, but it cannot ensure conversions. Every successful business is booming due to the team of experts behind their SEO marketing. If you also want to be one of them, choose Weydinger for your SEO marketing campaign.

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