Starting a Business in the Family Environment – Best Strategy

Starting a business in the family environment
Things are never easy when starting a business from scratch


Many people find starting a business when working full time and having a family-impossible. A large subset of people has never tried anything like that.

There are many different businesses you can start, and some of them are highly demanding while others are more flexible.


Quit your 9-5 while starting a business?

There is absolutely no need to quit your 9-5 job in order to start a business. You can organize your time, optimize the hell out of everything, and just start small.

See if it works, grow as time goes, and then at one point decide whether this is going to be your new occupation.

You need your steady income in the beginning, for many reasons, and this can actually help you along the way. Things are never easy when starting a business from scratch, which is the reason why most of the well-known entrepreneurs had a steady job in the beginning.


Finding a balance between your obligations

Finding a balance between your 9-5, family, and/or other obligations while at the same time pursuing your passion is a form of art, literally. This is a mental game of your will, character, focus, and overall health.

I pushed myself over the limit at one point and the body fought back. To avoid that, listen to your body in times of intense schedules and stress. Eat well, exercise, and sleep enough. There is no substitute for that.

Having priorities is always a good thing. Thus, keep in mind that family must come first in any case. No, it’s not “America First”, it’s the family.

The time I use for my businesses and creative work is in the evening when my daughter is sleeping and my wife is in a deep state of couch potato coma. I do have some spare time over the weekend but that is pretty much it. Be creative.


There is no substitute for your health

Second thing: health. As I mentioned above, there is no substitute for your health. Do a workout min. 3 times per week (ideally 5) and do it consistently, eat proper food, and sleep enough. There is not always enough time to go to the gym but 30 min. of jogging will do the trick. Home workout routines/training can help as well. Taking care of your body gives you mental stability. Workout triggers serotonin which makes you feel good, thus the benefit is more than obvious.


Staying positive and being optimistic

Staying positive and being optimistic is another thing you need to keep doing. There is no place for negative thinking and negative people around you. Just the fact that you do all those things should make you feel good.

Most of the people just die in the second part of the day with the remote control on the sofa. Doing something productive on top of the everyday routine makes you stand out, and the reward will come.

Starting a business while working 9-5 and balancing a family demands a lot of time. However, if someone else can do it – you can do it. Meaning-the blueprint is already there.


Limit social media

We all have the same number of hours in a day. Netflix, Facebook, and all those things will eat your time before you notice it. Limit those as much as you can.

One thing I find very useful is having the “Kill News Feed” extension for Chrome. This extension takes away news feed on your Facebook, suggestions on Youtube, etc. If you have to use those websites, do not let them control your behavior.


Give more than you take

While there are many important things to consider when starting a journey like this, the items listed above are foundations for success. There is no substitute for family, health, optimism, and focus. And one more thing we sometimes forget: provide value to the people around you. Try to give more than you take, this will work wonders in the long run.


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