How to Write a Blog Post in 2021?

If you’re wandering places for how to write a blog post, chances are, you already know its importance. A well-organized blog post can help evolve your marketing strategies and can hook you up with transcendent and organic traffic.

You may have started exploring the web, reading successful blog posts, and inspiring yourself to do the same. But, does reading and analyzing make you all-ready for the basics of how to write a blog post?

You’re right, they don’t. Writing something and thinking to write something is entirely the opposite. Sometimes, you may have an idea in your head. But not every time will you be able to draw that thought on a blank paper. Even the greatest of writers go through this adversary. And that is where the essentials of how to write a blog post will help you out.


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6 Tips on Writing a Blog Post


1. Span Out the Scenario

The first thing to do before writing a blog post is to create one in your head. Don’t hurry things. Let your ideas find some support. Keep on adding to it so that once you sit to write, you’re aware of all your options and priorities.

Sometimes, you may have multiple ideas regarding similar topics. Here, you’ll have to make up your mind on which of those ideas can eventually qualify as a winning topic. Spanning out the headline is as important as the rest of the entire blog post.


2. Know Your Reader

Always remember why you’re writing the blog post; for the readers. So, it should be about their interests and views. And not just yours. Try to get to know your audience and come up with topics that match their taste.

You can go around researching keyword activity for this purpose. Keywords will help you narrow down your choices to the ones having potential.

Because at the end of the day, the main reason you’re writing this article is to rank your website. And this won’t be happening if you don’t attract traffic with it.


3. Use Crafty Outlines

Outlines are the fundamental base of any blog post. As mentioned, it helps you create an entire skeleton of your thoughts, which you can then transfer onto a blank paper. Making general outlines will help you cover all bases. And will keep you from getting distracted.

A headline is also an outline. It helps the reader to connect to what’s inside the blog post. Selecting a suitable headline for your blog post is more important and complex than you can think. And that is why you have to be extra crafty so that your reader knows that he won’t get disappointed with what’s inside.


4. Work with Drafts – Killer “How to Write a Blog Post” Strategy

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Not that you can’t write a blog post in a day, but it doesn’t need to work off in the first attempt. You may have to work with drafts. They’ll help you increase the quality of your blog post.

And you’ll realize that every new draft will appear miles ahead of its predecessor. That’s why there is no harm in working a series of drafts, even if you’re all familiar with how to write a blog post.


5. Know Your SEO

Search. Engine. Optimization. Just hearing these words will have told you that we’re at the most crucial stage of your blog post. SEO is a strategy that helps to rank your content within the search algorithms of Google.

Certain healthy tricks like keyword placement, quality content, and backlinking can help you generate more traffic than usual.

Considering the market competition at the moment, there’ll be no doubt in saying that SEO is fundamental for your blog post. That is why you should either consider a professional or just get to know it yourself. It will lighten up your analytics and will help you build up in no time.


6. Quality Content

The ever-green phrase “quality over quantity” can be utilized in this scenario. When your audience visits your blog post, they will be looking to absorb as much as they can without wasting their time.

This is why lengthy paragraphs and long metaphors can bore them up quickly. So, don’t go with the word count. Just stick to maintaining the quality of your content so that it helps out your visitors, just the way you intended it to.



All this article adds up to the topic of how to write a blog post is “research”. The best way of learning is to educate yourself with the necessities.

Every blog post requires its own research. That is why you should be completely prepared before starting to write one. You’ll need to know what your audience thinks about the topic and how it can fare with their views.

Without proper research, you’d just be hitting your target with eyes closed.

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