Woo Commerce Website Design for Online Stores

Introduction – Woo Commerce Website Design

Many business holders find creating a Woo Commerce Website Design store difficult or impossible because it is as per most Google searches. But it is, in fact, not. You need a few things. It demands time, effort, creativity, and expertise.

If you have these four things to dedicate to your Woo Commerce website design, it is potentially possible for you to sell online successfully. There are many companies offering web design services that you can hire.

The most crucial factor in establishing a digital store is website design/theme. This article will prove to be an inspiration for you in your website development. You need to decide on the color palette, navigation, and content (text, picture, video). Let’s look at beautifully designed stores to read a case study and learn from them!

woocommerce store
WooCommerce Store

Professional WooCommerce Websites to Learn From!

Let’s look at some professional WooCommerce websites!

1- R.E.D.D Superfood Energy Bars (Best Website Design)

R.E.D.D. Superfood Energy Bars is a professional WooCommerce website selling protein bars in various intriguing flavors. Its products include peanut butter boost, salted caramel, mint chocolate, etc. This store, created by a famous model Alden Blease pulls off an excellent job designing.  

One look at the store will tell how amazing it has been created. The main spotlight stays on the yummy and vibrant-looking energy bars throughout the site. The landing page has a slight motion that cleverly grabs user attention.

The layout of the store is minimalist and clean. Navigating through different options is easy since everything is properly organized and categorized. The colors used are only two: Red and Blue, making the site even more attractive.


2- Studio Job (Best WordPress Theme)

Studio Job is an E-Commerce website that sells once-in-a-lifetime items. All objects available on the site have been made using conventional and advanced methods and raw materials. This site aims at delivering and shipping internationally unique art for affordable payments.

If you intend to set your freshysite apart from others, Studio Job is the place to learn from. The theme is exceptionally creative: comic-book-esque. The creativity is so evident on the site that even the visitor’s cursor is a hand pointing the middle finger at the options. The landing page is full of iconic images, animations, and videos. When a visitor opens this store, it proves to be a breath of fresh air. The colors used are vibrant and various.


3- Nalgene (Best eCommerce Example)

Nalgene is a website selling water bottles. It is quite old and offers high-quality water bottles for those who need to stay hydrated while outside. 

The Woo Commerce website design of this business is an example to learn from in terms of both functionality and style. As you open the site, the above-the-fold content displays all key features of the water bottles. It is a positive feature to narrate selling points to users, as it nurtures trust and encourages customers to read more on the site. 

There is a clear Shop Now call-to-action right in the center of the landing page. They have also added a search bar in case any visitor wants what they need already.

The pictures of the bestselling water bottles, price, color variety, and capacity are another excellent point. It will help visitors decide faster what they want to buy. The white background makes everything look organized and obvious. 


4- Root Science (Woo Commerce Website Design)

Root Science, Healthy Skincare for Real Skin Needs, specializes in natural skincare products. The offered products include toners, masks, and other relevant things. This company believes that the skincare industry’s base lies on fake promises and greenwashing. In such an industry, they aim at providing something meaningful and accurate to the claims. 

The Root Science store appears decent and minimalist. The colors are black and white to enhance the elegance. How the store looks reflect the purpose of making humans feel and look elegant in their ways. With each product lies precise details. When you scroll down, they have given ideas on using different products together. 

The overall WordPress website design appears so that no visitor can have many questions unanswered. There is everything available in a categorized manner. 


5- The All Blacks Online

All Black Shop is a sports store from New Zealand. The All Blacks and the New Zealand Rugby Union’s official store. The web design team at this company has done an incredible job. The best thing to learn from this website is choosing a theme exactly as their name and products. 

The website is built using different tones of black. Of course, there are other colors, such as white, but they add context to black. The fonts used are bold, and the uploaded pictures are based on darker marketing. 

The header navigation makes it easy for users to browse through different options. The shop offers clothes and accessories. Each product page concisely displays details. The bottom of the product page shows recommendations; users might be interested in. 

The whole design of the website is such that visitors will have no trouble choosing the right product. 


6- Mini Learners

Mini Learners store offers children’s posters. All posters available on the website for sale are exceptionally adorable. Their products are so cute that no one can say no to them and their store design. The primary color of the website is white with black, red, and blue details.

The landing page displays almost everything about the shop in a specific manner. You will find About Us, Aim, Contact Details, and Location. The header navigation provides easy browsing through the website. Though the store sells children’s products, they have successfully managed the looks to be elegant yet cute. The iconic animation on the home page is the evidence. 


7- April Soderstrom

April Soderstrom is a jewelry store based in Boston. It is another example of Woo Commerce website design that sells vibrant, colorful, luxurious, handmade accessories for daily use.

The theme of the products is evident in the website design. The digital storefront does appear not only aesthetic but also offers easy navigation. 

Amidst all the categories and pictures, the main product of the brand appears as the star of the show. The top has a menu, search bar, and cart as you open the website.

This is pretty much everything a user needs after entering a store. Each category on the menu further displays different options in the dropdown.

This store has made browsing so easy that you will spot clickable links everywhere you go on the site. 


8- Sodashi

The aim of Sodashi is to celebrate all skin types, complexions, and individual beauty. Keeping the aim, this company has designed a website that goes best with the purpose. Yes, the WooCommerce store is a stunning example of a Woo Commerce website design to take notes from. 

After opening the website, you will find close-ups of people with different skin tones taking care of their skin. The landing page tells the attention-grabbing story behind creating the whole brand, including the vision and the offered products. 

The color palette of the website is neutral, making the store look soft, sensitive, and beautiful. Call-to-action buttons are available on each page clearly and boldly. CTAs play a huge role in interacting with visitors and turning them into customers. The creativity put into naming categories is unmatched.

For example, The find My Skincare option leaves an impactful impression on users. This option leads to a form that users have to fill out. As a result, they can know what products are suitable for their skin. This step is a nice way to make visitors feel important and encourage them to choose this brand always for skincare. 


9- Yubico (Woo Commerce Website Design)

Yubico has a WordPress web design brimming with information in an organized way. The balance between pictures and paragraphs is fine that users can easily read while enjoying pictures. The large, featured image instantly grabs user attention. This easily navigable store guides users to the path to their required products. 


Benefits of Choosing Woo Commerce for Your Online Store

Since the pandemic hit in 2020, the world has had to shift to digital resources. During those times, businesses found shelter in digital media. Now that the pandemic is light and almost gone, the need for having a strong online presence hasn’t gone and will never do.


If your business does not have an appealing website, take your first step now. The best platform for online stores is WooCommerce. Let us have a look below!

1-  Woo Commerce website design is free

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that is free and open source. Anyone wanting to build a store can access and employ it. WordPress is the most commonly used CMS platform. It takes little time to install WooCommerce and open a business. Moreover, with WooCommerce, you can also take benefit of all features offered by WordPress. 


2- It is Secure

WooCommerce is the safest digital space to grow your business and sell. Their security teams ensure absolute security for their customers. After you have developed your website, you will keep getting security updates, along with clickable security actions. Updating WooCommerce always is mandatory for business safety. It is scalable, offering you support on your growth.


3- Woo Commerce website design is easily customizable

If you choose other platforms, it would be difficult to change the store once it is established. On the other hand, you can easily customize looks switch between various appearances on Woo Commerce website design.

Thanks to its user-friendly management. It is possible due to themes. A theme can be free or paid; the customization stays the same for both cases.


4- Sell Whatever

WooCommerce does not care what products you are selling. It works the same for all kinds. The freedom to sell either clothing or make-up or shoes or footballs is of great benefit.


Learn from Woo Commerce Analytics!

A business can only grow if you learn how it is already doing and improve. WooCommerce Analytics gives you details about conversions, clicks, and visitors’ demographics. These metrics can help you build the best possible online store for your business.


Conclusion – Woo Commerce Website Design

WooCommerce is a plugin that you can install on WordPress and build a whole store using a theme. It is simple, powerful, rich in features. 

Setting it up requires no technical knowledge and expertise. Anyone can install it and configure the settings. It takes an hour to get all started with WooCommerce. Moreover, you can easily optimize your store for SEO as well. 

So, now you have no excuses to postpone or have double thoughts on creating your online store. You can either hire a website design company like Freshysites or do it yourself. Get started now and keep moving slowly and surely after inspiration from the stores mentioned above.

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