SEO Blogs: 6 Best Websites to Follow

As you might have seen often, a blog is a collection of discussions and informational posts on a particular webpage. With the rising competition on the internet, it is now necessary to optimize your blog according to the relevant search engine. SEO Blogs are a great source of information.

Google, the largest search engine on the internet, has an algorithm to rank webpages. This algorithm changes constantly, which means that there are no definite methods by which you could rank your site directly.

The search engine trends vary drastically, which is often why you might even need an SEO specialist, an agency, or a reliable website to stay updated. 


The 6 Best SEO Blogs Right Now

If we talk about the best SEO blogs right now, the list goes like this:

1. BackLinko

Founder: Brian Dean
Monthly Organic Traffic: 116,106
Average Posts/Month: 5
There is something special about connecting with a single author. Backlinko was found by Brian Dean, who runs it alone. You do have to wait for the content to arrive, but once it does, you’ll be sure that it’s worth the wait.

Backlinko prefers quality over quantity. His depth-in study and SEO tips will help you pick the pace for your own website. No matter how experienced you are, you’ll always love his way of working and will end up learning a thing or two from his blogs.


2. Yoast SEO Blogs

Founder: Joost De Valk
Monthly Organic Traffic: 216,502
Average Posts/Month: 33
If you’re thinking about this blog’s relevance to the SEO WordPress plugin of the same name, you’re not wrong. The SEO plugin has a blog that highlights many tips and techniques that could prove useful for the SEO functions of your blog.

Yoast posts about 1-2 blogs per day, which means that it covers a wide variety of SEO topics. So, if you’re looking to learn different terms involved in the ranking of your blog, this blog might not be a bad choice.


3. Moz

Founder: Rand Fishkin
Monthly Organic Traffic: 217,174
Average Posts/Month: 16
Moz is also a great blog that has a big role in the overall SEO blog writing domain. Its fresh approach to rank content on Google helped the site build a great reputation.

Over the years, it has published some extremely beneficial posts. Moz provides a complete diversity, where it helps you understand the spirit of SEO. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you would have definitely checked out its blog at some point.


4. Search Engine Watch SEO Blogs

Founder: Danny Sullivan
Monthly Organic Traffic: 312,195
Average Posts/Month: 29
The argument that Search Engine Watch might be the oldest blog out there might not be wrong. They started in 1996 and since then have been busy writing SEO guides and news articles on their blog.

Their guides have encouraged a lot of people to pursue blogs before it came out as such a successful path. There is, however, a problem. Most of the SEO guides of Search Engine Watch are a bit old.

Google, on the other end, changes its analysis methods after every while. This means that the techniques that used to work 8 years ago might not be effective now.


5. SEMRush

Founder: Oleg Schegolev and Dmitri Melnikov
Monthly Organic Traffic: 55,893
Average Posts/Month: 28
SEMRush is not only an effective SEO tool but also has a blog to its name. Be it the ranking procedures or the backlinks shenanigans, it has a detailed report on each and every topic concerned with SEO blogs.

If you’re new to writing blogs and want to rank them on the top search engines, getting an idea from SEMRush might not be that bad. It is like a library of all the SEO terminologies, their uses, and their applications on the internet.


6. Neil Patel

Founder: Neil Patel
Monthly Organic Traffic: 1.866,913
Average Posts/Month: 100
A discussion of SEO blogs is definitely incomplete without mentioning the person behind the All-in-One SEO Tool and UberSuggest. Neil Patel is the king of evolving SEO.

He remains up-to-date with all charters and has his own YouTube channel, where he breaks down the SEO guides into easy lectures.
Neil Patel has traveled all the lands of SEO, be it related to the commerce business or the writing one. His blog presents a guideline for the ones who are looking to earn online, by gaining certain skills.



After checking out the top SEO blogs on the internet right now, it is quite obvious that even these blogs suffer ups and downs in their ranking. This is because search engines like Google change their trends every once in a while.

So, if you’re looking to write an SEO blog of your own, you’ll always remain intact with the SEO algorithm, which is a very difficult thing to process.

That is why a lot of blog writers take up SEO experts or digital marketing agencies to increase the ranking of their blogs on search engines. This helps them drive more organic traffic to their blog posts.

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