Website Audit: Simple and Free Way to Check Your Site

Let’s make this clear at the beginning of the article, the website audit can be done in many ways.

You can use the software, various tools, or in some cases just your eyes. Looking at the website and checking the pages one can see the structure, design, content, and many other things.

In general, we do a website audit to understand the factors affecting visibility on the search engine.

For the proper audit, I would advise using some of the software we can find around. There are premium ones, but also free visions. The premium ones usually have a simplified version build-in as well.

Tracking any data is better than tracking zero data so let’s get into it… For this purpose, I am going to use Ubersuggest free features to extract data from a website. The following article is beneficial for any website owner who is not familiar with SEO or maybe has some very basic idea about the topic.

I am going to use the official website of Bill Gates, a co-founder of Microsoft Corporation. Anybody can make such an analysis at home. However, if you use a freshly built website it can happen that you don’t get much data. New websites are not recognized by Google before being online for (in some cases) 3-6 months.

I am sure we are going to find tons of data on Bill’s website. Looking forward to it;

Website audit

Website Audit of the Blog Of Bill Gates


On-page SEO Score: Website Audit Essential

According to Ubersuggest on-page score on Bill’s website is 83 which is very good. The score is ranging from 0 to 100 and 0 is the lowest. The On-page SEO score is the overall SEO score for all pages scanned in the audit.

Ubersuggest says that this score represents a combination of the ratio of issues found to the number of checks performed by the audit tools. It is very useful to track SEO over time. 


Organic Monthly Traffic

Official Bill Gates blogging website has monthly traffic of 287,395. This number should be the total estimated traffic on the domain considering the organic keywords.  


Organic Keywords

118,300. Again, great numbers which we probably could expect for such a website. This is the number of keywords this domain ranks for in the organic search. 



This number is always interesting to see. In this case, 120,478 other websites are linking back to the Bill Gates website. Backlinks are basically votes for the content that’s being linked to.


Site Speed Check- Very Important Part of Website Audit Process website audit

Site Audit of the Bill Gates Website


No need to explain much in this set of data. Google likes fast websites and Bill’s website loads in the desktop version in 1 second. Yes, one second. 

The Mobile version loads in 4 seconds and that is still OK.

Speed is definitely a ranking factor so if you have a website on your own, make sure to optimize the photos, remove unnecessary plugins, and so on. 



Website Audit is a way more detailed process than it is shown here in the article. Bill Gates Website is performing very well, so there was no particular need to go deeper into the technical side of the whole story.

If you have a website make sure that you know what is going on there. Knowing how good or bad is your website performing is extremely important. Without that, how can you correct the errors?

In SEO everything is connected and optimizing just one thing will not get you far. Pay attention to all parameters. Only that way you can make a beast of the website.

If you want me to audit your website, feel free to email me.

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